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How We Operate

When hdesigngroup was established in 2000, we already knew we were here to create relationships. We decided that all of our projects must revolve around people, and that the people we work with are not just our clients. This defined approach has shaped the dynamics of our firm both inside and outside of the office.

A client is just someone who receives a service. When you choose hdesigngroup, you’ll be treated as much more: a valued colleague and friend. The people we work with are collaborative partners with whom we share goals, concerns, and ideas for designs that we bring to fruition together.

For those of us at hdesigngroup, this means a team atmosphere—where every voice is heard, and where what is best for the project is elevated over titles and roles. For our collaborative partners, this means dedication, commitment, communication, loyalty, and a steadfast determination to bring your vision to life.

The result is something beyond the usual architect-client interaction. Together we create spaces where communities can truly live, learn, work, and play.

Copy of H Design Offices

Meet the Team

Embrace agility. Thing strategically. Push the envelope.


Our process is simple and it involves meaningful communication during every stage.  Not all projects walk through the same steps, however open and continual communication is the core of all projects on our board.  We meet, collaborate, brainstorm, agree, design, advise, commit, act on, and celebrate.  Making a project successful for all parties involved is why the team and partnerships of hdesigngroup enjoy the work we do.  When working with hdesigngroup, the first foundation built is the relationship...great design follows.


  • Conceptual Design

  • Schematic Design

  • Design Development

  • Construction Documents

  • Architectural Visualization

  • Bidding + Negotiation

  • Construction Administration

  • Project Budgeting

  • Design Consultation

  • Master Planning

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Site Evaluation + Selection

  • Building Condition Audits


hdesigngroup is modest in size, yet bold in its actions. Our team is small enough to be nimble, yet big enough to deliver on complex projects. Due to this, the group is able to maintain an independent morale—allowing flexibility in responsiveness and innovation, while encouraging autonomous passion, group driven accountability, and the occassional office break to hangout with a co-workers at the office. 

From the moment hdesigngroup takes a project into the spokes, the internal communication of the vision through each process of design is paramount. All of our projects have a commonality within our office, where we deploy a functional checks and balances system, mitigating potential missteps in all phases of design and construction.

What's really important about hdesigngroup, is that the team listens and works diligently to discover the soul of a business and its brand, and the building that it should exist within.  Each project is awarded to a team that is designed for that project specifically. A principal, a project manager, a visual designer, and an architectural technician become a power source for each project that is collaborated on by hdesigngroup.

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