Audrey Meads

business manager

Organizational Strength Audrey is the reason the lights stay on and we mean that literally because she pays the bills. Technically, she’s our Business Manager, but she’s known for being a number-crunching, problem-solving, jack of all trades. Audrey loves hdesigngroup because of the welcoming atmosphere and our team’s drive to perform well, while still having fun together. She’s very forward thinking and enjoys that she can use some of her favorite skills like process streamlining and organizational structure to positively impact the company’s future.

When she’s not busy doing HR, AP, and AR ASAP, Audrey is a MOM with two active kids. She loves to spend time with her family outdoors whenever possible and is active in church and community service activities. She’s got a competitive streak that comes out at team building events as well as her kids’ sporting events…we can neither confirm, nor deny that her nickname is Beast Mode.