Brandon Biskup


Innovation & Efficiency Brandon has been a part of the hdesigngroup team since 2017 and earned his Master’s in Architecture in 2019. Before heading for architecture, Brandon was a metrology technician in the United States Navy for five years. He spent 18 months of that time living on an aircraft carrier, so he has some serious experience with maximizing space. He also helped design and build a tiny house in Eden Village. Now that he’s done with school, Brandon is eager to have some free time again and plans to spend it with his family (outside if possible) and maybe squeeze in some woodworking.

After years in technical fields, Brandon likes to stay ahead of the curve. He spearheads much of the work that allows our project partners to see their buildings in a full Virtual Reality experience before construction ever begins. Brandon was originally drawn to architecture because of its ability to improve lives, so he looks forward to a long career collaborating with teams to create quality designs that exceed the expectations of our clients.