KJ Romine


Active Listening KJ is an alum of both the United States Army and Drury University. He has traveled the world, but he’s happy to be here in the Ozarks. KJ is originally from Mt. Vernon, Missouri (Go Mountaineers!) and loves to head outdoors to camp, fish, hike, or kayak with his family. He’s also recently taken up golf and we’d suggest that savvy investors buy stock in golf balls because it sounds like he loses a lot of them.

Golf skills aside, KJ is great at performing well under pressure. His years in the military have made him thrive in physically and mentally challenging environments, so he loves to dig into a project and get to work. He excels at listening to a client’s ideas, analyzing the information, and translating all of that into a design solution that meets their needs. You should also know that we think KJ is the coolest person in the office because he once met Robin Williams (yes, THAT Robin Williams) and they complimented each other’s beards. Even the beardless here are jealous.