Springfield First Community Bank

The design intent for Springfield First Community Bank was to create a place that proudly stands as a true emblem of the Ozarks, and serves as a welcoming to local relationships. Through use of stone, brick, and metal, Springfield First Community Bank became a notable building in a high-density area.

The core focus in the design was to create a banking destination that emphasized, and focused on creating and upholding relationships. The bank’s design is reflective of this—strong, yet transparent; standing tall, yet completely grounded. The picket fence logo seen throughout establishes that SFC Bank is a place to gather, talk openly and solve issues through discussion between neighbors.

The 16,000-square foot structure has a two-story main lobby with perimeter offices. The open floor plan and centered café area on the main level strengthens the bank’s goal of creating a personal banking experience, while the second level of the structure is designated for banking operations